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17 August  2014

I just created this page  to bring to the front a great piece of literature and approach to engine design.
This company deserves support and recognition.

The work of this company is based on the  genius work of the Engineer John M.Clarke. his paper is a wonder full piece of engineering discussion.

If  you want to  read something critically substantive,  his work is the absolute best.  The extreme  expansion  he called it.

The company   first started with opposing piston arrangement,where both pistons and cylinder  move inside a third larger cavity, this third larger cavity created a double compression situation,  I am presuming that didn’t work so well because of the large masses involved.

So  they moved to double expansion piston architecture, using regular pistons,  old steam engines used to do that.

The first attempt  CCI



Eng. Johan M.Clarke goes for a mathematical understanding of thermodynamics, power, cycle limitations,  efficiency in order to reach the best architecture for his engine.

Reading his paper is an absolute joy and not a waste of any ones time.

Here is a prototype of the first engine  the CCI working on a dyno. unfortunately they didn’t share any results.

here is the valve system for the CCI.

Like I said te abandoned the CCI architecture into a double or triple regular piston expansion  arraignment called the MKII, with the same thermal idea to implement the extreme expansion cycle.





the best thing that could happen to humanity right now, if the work of John Clarke is to be s implemented using an architecture of opposing pistons, that allows for  variable compression ratio, uses cleaves valves system, none sliding crank mechanism and uses  a complete torque mechanism, with compression ratio of 30 to one, this would be an astonishing engine.




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