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The Liquid Piston engine

16  December 2012


When you talk about retro that means it was main stream once and then it went out of style.

this design is over a hundred years old.

I doubt that it will go even close to  30% Thermal effeminacy .

i will try to tell you whats so wrong with this alter on.

but for now.

usually and as far as i know ,it takes engine around 30 to 40 degrees for the flame Kernel to be created take form and spread  in the combustion chamber,that doesn’t include air fuel induction and mixing. can you imagine injecting fuel mixing and  ignition and propagation spreading the flame to  reach  peak gas pressure in twenty degrees ?

Slim chance but i don’t see it happening.

Also the Abutment is reversed . is should be in the same direction of the spinning rotor in order for the air pressure to push on the abutment to keep it sealed not push it away from the pressure chamber allowing the air to escape.

Vibration , yes you can balance the rotor by  creating cavities in the rotor. is that going to eliminate the shacking ? i doubt it.

Last but not least.

how is the torque arm formed ? well it is pathetic especially if you look at the  surface that the gases have to push against !! so large surfaces so much thermal lose and if you take the final pressure force that gets to the main axial you will get a very low value.

and one more thing , how is this  The Liquid Piston engine  any different than  this ?

This so called NEW liquid Piston is called the eccentric rotor  rotary engine. just look it up in patents its over a hundred years old.

Side friction, flap/gate/abutment friction . total waste of gas pressure , very low torque arm length.

but still lets hops we see it main stream.


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