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Jonova Variant -SPARLVE-Stirling or Tri-Dyne

Latest update 16 October  2014.

I have recently been educated that  “” neglecting heat transfer, combustion transients, and intake/exhaust restriction; all positive displacement engines having the same pressure bounds and same displacement will produce exactly the same power.   The energy produced by a positive displacement is given by “”

This means that the combustion gases don’t care inside what kind of engine they are in, what is important is the initial and final pressure and temperatures that you are able to operate at.

the higher the initial combustion pressure value and the lower the exhausted temperature and pressure values the more powerful and efficient your engine is. regardless of geometry or architecture of engine.

So the architecture or geometry of an engine doesn’t matter or affect the  how much power or efficient the engine is at extracting workable energy from the fuel.

The advantage this type of engine can offer is only a Braytone-Atkinson cycle capable geometry.

so much of what is below is actually less false.

The rest of this page and in fact all pages need to be scientifically reviewed by real

scientist and engineers. 

Please ignore what i have written down and enjoy the links.


This is another Jonova Variant , they call it SPARLVE.


The Tri- Dyne engine



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