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Oscillator Engine

Last up dated 9 Jan 2012

This engine page was gone for some years. I found it again.



This is a half Radial Circular Engine , i think it is stupid , it is a reciprocating Flaps Circular engine ,go figure.

you can see there analisys of the normal Piston engine with the equation

                                                 F = P.A. Sin (α+β)/ Sin (β)

                                                      F = P. A . Sin (α+β)
Sin (β)


the equation they give for circular engines is adaptable i think to all circular engines.

                          F = P x A

As you can see  they didn’t add the Radius of the (crank,disk) FLAPS  their equation , it seems since the engine is small, they consider the attribute of Radius radios is equaling and  taken into consideration when calculating the area of the flaps ,  so there Equation doesnt have any R in it.

while for any other Circular Radial Engine  the equation  would include the measurement of the Radios Radius in it , since it is after all the Radians of the disk holding the pistons is the length of the Torque arm . so the final Equation for any circular engine i think would be

                         F=P xx R

can you see how great the power is just by comparing the two equations?

= P.A. Sin (α+β)/ Sin (β)

the part  (Sin (α+β)/ Sin (β)) is actually is the changing Length of torque arm of the reciprocating Piston engine.  and removing it with a steady length (R) makes the engine  a HOLE LOT MORE FASTER and POWER FULL.


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