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Opposing piston ECO

Updated 2 Sept 2014

Since classical engine is only 25% efficient and the “DR.Pual engine” is 85% efficient (former NASA scientist Numbers from prototype).

This opposing piston engine MIGHT be the commercial attempt on the 85% efficient engine,

They have MOST of the right components but missing one, but the point is some one is doing something about it , I am not claiming it is the one, I actually think it is NOT the one (need explanation) , but it is close enough.

This one is at least 50% more powerful (75% efficient) , that means it is 50% more powerful, wouldn’t it?? So we need 50% less fuel ,can you see it ? Not to mention lighter faster also (more RPM).

If they reach the 85% efficiency limit (adding the last missing piece) then we would need 60% less fuel to run it.

If any one needs more info go the the page 80% thermal effe…. page here with the 85% engine documentary.





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