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Normal RP-ICE

Normal Recopricating Piston Internal Combustion Engine.

The Reciprocating Piston Internal Combustion Engine (RP-ICE) that every one knows is worst of power plants when it comes to efficiency.

Infact all InternalCombustion Engines waste most of the energy you put in any of them about 70% is wasted, whether the power you use gas, Diesel, pressurized Air or what ever powersource. If you want to get back those 70% of wasted energy read on.

Here is a Film Shwoing inside the RP-ICE WHILE runing, you can see Suction, Compresion, Ignition ,expantion and just the begening of the Exhust .
Very clear is how the Air / Gas mixtue hits the Back of the Valve , this is a Majore Problem with RP-ICE since it Limits VOLUMETRIC effeciancy of the engine.
Also if you can see that the Spark Puge ignits before TDC i hope you know what that means!?!?

Here is a nice Clear Animation of a Four STrok Four Cylinder Double Over Head Campshaft Internal Combustion engine.
what i like is the clear Animation of the Fuel injectors doing gas injection into the manifold before valves actually opening creating the Mixture charge in manifold before valve open.
thus using slower soliniodes and having longer time for mixture to mix.!!

Another Solid works animation Showing how may aprt and complicated is the RP-ICE.

A burnet Piston totaly Open from too much heat , shows you how much thermal heat is wasted in RP-ICE.

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  1. I have a patent – Engine with VCR (variable compression ratio) & VCC (variable cylinder capacity)

    Comment by levlarsan — October 23, 2011 @ 9:09 am

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