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Seperated cycle engine

updated 3rd November 2017

this guy removed the old video and posted a new engine



i will leave the old post

Updated 13 Jan 2013

This design isn’t new but this is the only real life attempt as far as i know that uses and of abutment approach(not vane ) to achieve the sealing for engine.

This is a split cycle ,concentric rotary, you can look at as a  Brayton  or Atkinson or miller engine i don’t know, I say Brayton.

All of the main problems with all circular engines are illustrated/shown/visible here.

The flame is too fast, faster than the piston , there isn’t  enough time for Burned gasses to form pressure.
The combustion Chamber is too large.
The flow rate of air is too minimal i.e slow.
Ignition problems.
Flame speed problems.
Sealing vs friction,
Also this engine uses a lobed compressor, as far as i know those cannot achieve a pressure higher than 3:1.
The problems  mentioned prevent this from ever becoming main stream practical engine.

but i still like it.

It is  a living example of a concentric,rotary,split  cycle, clean internal combustion engine, that is still a move forward.
Please enjoy.


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