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HiPerTEC, Start And Stop, or Butterfly engine, or cat and mouse engine

Latest up date 9 December 2014

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I have recently been educated that  “” neglecting heat transfer, combustion transients, and intake/exhaust restriction; all positive displacement engines having the same pressure bounds and same displacement will produce exactly the same power.   The energy produced by a positive displacement is given by “”

This means that the combustion gases don’t care inside what kind of engine they are in, what is important is the initial and final pressure and temperatures that you are able to operate at.

the higher the initial combustion pressure value and the lower the exhausted temperature and pressure values the more powerful and efficient your engine is. regardless of geometry or architecture of engine.

So the architecture or geometry of an engine doesn’t matter or affect the  how much power or efficient the engine is at extracting workable energy from the fuel.

The advantage this type of engine can offer is only a Braytone-Atkinson cycle capable geometry.

I will try to explain later.





There is more about the concept of this engine on another page here called the SS-BF page
last entry lower right . please check for working prototype.

This is probably the best engine on the face of the earth.

Variable compresion ratio.
Full torque.

It can actually switch between two stroke and four stroke while in full functioning mode.
and it is opposing Pistons if you think about it .

so I would expect a very high power to wieght ratio and very high thermal effeciancy.
I dont know if its split cycle or not, but it seems to be so.

here is a you tube history of there prototypes

a previous film

a Faded Picture of the HiPerTEC free piston Start and stop \\or butterfly engine

HiPerTEC Start and stop engine

I canot get access to there vedio , so you have to watch it on there site.
here is the initial intro about the engine.

but the there blog is best

one thing is only missing. its making it fully rotating not recopricating.

see link


The last on the right hand side of the weblod is about start and stop engines or butterfly engines.


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