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CirQlar Eng

This company has changed there site


The CirQlar Power, LLC formerly Wright Innovations is the only company doing this kind of Circular engine research, they have a really nice prototype. check the pics and downlaod.

This is also a “Vertical Disk Jonova Variant”.

Here are all the picture from the original Company Site , click each for a full bigger view of it, you can also down load each of them.

it takes some time to open each, these are just thumbnails. click.



I have there animation and first prototype firing and working, i hope i will be able soon to load them.

the  following  text is  part of there website.

1.      Dramatic increase in horsepower and torque
2.      50% + increase in fuel efficiency
3.      60% + reduction in engine weight
4.      40% + reduction in engine parts
5.      50% + reduction in engine size
6.      Engine is both modular and scalable in design
7.      Capable of running a full menu of carbon based fuels

The key and unique attribute of the cirQlar™ engine is its exclusive piston orbit.  As the name indicates, the pistons travel in an efficient continuous circular path, rather than an exhaustive back-and-forth reciprocating motion.  The elimination of all reciprocating motion and the power robbing typical valve system results in a significant amount of parasitic force eradication.  In addition, the design allows for an amazingly longer torque arm, improving the overall mechanical advantage.  In short, the cirQlar™ engine’s impressive increase in torque, combined with the elimination of parasitic forces, offers a dramatic improvement in power generation.  The engine can utilize a host of carbon based fuels, and can be sized for use in the smallest (power equipment) to largest (automotive and power generation) applications.

there adress is


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  1. My company is developing a circular engine called the Circle 18. We invite you to check out our website at http://kuzwe.com

    Comment by Jack Eufargo — November 14, 2008 @ 4:32 am | Reply

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