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SS-BF engines

This engine has pistons. the pistons move in a circular patterin so they do have full torque .
the pistons start moving then stop moving then start again.
see what i mean by your self

I don’t like any of these engines since they  waste momentome of entire pistone Axil system. 

They also require a mechnichal diode which would be heavy , it is this mechnichal diode that gives them there Start And stop Effect.

Here is a french fully working prototype.




Angel Labs  MAssive but tiny engine.



 I will be posting more  later.
Here is another Start and Stop Engine .
Click  on image to visit original site.


The Mighty Engine by Raphial Morgado

Start and stop runing on compresed air

Some you tube links

Start And stop animation

Start And stop Taurozzi 5

Start And stop Taurozzi 4

Start and Stop Engine

Start and Stop Plastic Model

Lego MYT engine – partially completed


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Complete torque – full torque – continues torque – torque engine. Toroidal engine – Toroidal motor.
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